Jarmila Simai-Divísková
- an artist  resident in Sweden for nearly the
last forty years (2007) was born  in Bratislava,
Czechoslovakia . She attended the Industrial
Graphic School in Prague 1953- 57) and the 
Folkhögskolan - Estetiska linjen in
Årjäng, (Sweden 1970-73).
Tel: +46 (0)8 -7557287
Mobil: +46 (0)704532464 batik@bredband.net
Music: Pavol Simai

List of exhibitions:
1972   Folkhögskolan, Årjäng
1972   Konstkällaren, Arvika,
1973   Geijerskolan, Ransäter
1975   Galleri St. Pauli, Stockholm
1975   Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken, 
1975   Röhsska museet, Göteborg
1977   Konsthallen, Säffle
1978   Konsthallen, Oslo, Norway
1979   Galleri OLAB, Göteborg
1980   Stadshushallen, Mölndal
1981   Galleri Heland, Stockholm
1983   Konstkällaren, Arvika
1983   Mörby bibliotek, Danderyd
1984   Invandrarnas kulturcentrum,
1984   Galleri St. Nikolaus, 
1985   Råda bibliotek, Mölnlycke
1986   Panorama Art, Stockholm
1988   Gröna Galleriet, Köping
1989   Mestská Galéria, Pálffyho palác,
            Bratislava, Slovak Republic
1989   Galleri Inger Beckman, Stockholm
1990   Galéria Dielo, Mustek, Prague,
            Czech Republic
1991   Kultúrne Centrum, Trencín,
            Slovak Republic
2002   Klub prátel umení v Ústí nad Orlicí,
            Czech Republic
2003   Djursholms bibliotek, Danderyd

 Multimedia shows:

1992  Kulturhuset, Stockholm
1994  Rudolfinum, Prague,
           Czech Republic
1995  Moyzesová sien´, Bratislava,
           Slovak Republic
1996  Kulturhuset, Stockholm

Represented at:

Arvika           Dottevikenskolan
                       Musikhögskolan, Ingesund  
                       Norra församlingen
                       Östra församlingen
Bratislava    Matica Slovenská
Göteborg      Bröderna Edstrand AB
                       SABEMA AB
Mölndal        Gunnebo slott
Solna            Solna bibliotek
Stockholm  SEB
Årjäng           Sjukhuset

"Some batik pictures are also available 
as slides or as  digital documents for 
the reproduction of posters, cover designs, 
greeting cards, stamps, illustrations etc."                         
"My life is a fairy-tale and a poetical dream” said Jarmila Simai once to a person who was wondering about the source of her creativity. This answer was not some whimsical exaggeration but a concise summary of her experiences and a reaction to the happiness and sorrow she has encountered and subsequently been able to sublimate by means of her craft.
Life does not often resemble the fairy-tale of one's poetical dreams! Is it a problem managing that dissappointment? Not if you are an artist. As an artist you can choose any time to see life reflected in a 'poetical mirror' the expression of which can become a piece of art. You can even give away your dreams and Jarmila was really successful in doing just that. Due to the directness of her beautiful pictorial symbols the expressions of her pictures are quite easy to discover and thus resulting in a personal experience for the spectator.


1  Flight to the Sun
2  In Memoriam Jan Palach
3  Keynote
4  Dream of the Chief Censor
5  Wheel of Fortune I
6  Way to Freedom
7  Chain
8  Masks in Time
9  Rosy Butterflies
10 Fettered Symphony

11 Morning Sun
12 Rose Girl
13 Wheel of Fortune II
14 Magnolia
15 Ladders
16 Butterflies in Cobweb I
17 Nailed Butterflies I
18 Virtuoso
19 Near the Goal
20 Butterflies in Cobweb II

21 Pilgrimage of the Butterflies
22 The Barred and Bolted Door
23 The Last Door
24 Night Flying
25 Sailing Boats
26 Arches
27 The Old Town of Stockholm I
28 Nailed Butterflies II
29 Lovers in Prague
30 The Melody of the Native Country

©Jarmila Simai 2007


31 The Old Town of Stockholm II
32 Escape to the Universe
33 Dance of the Pigeons
34 Thistle
35 Butterfly on  Flower
36 Torrent
37 The Masks are Falling
38 Thirteen Candles
39 The Ladder of Career
40 Stepping Down

41 Reeds
42 The Sea and the Moon
43 Flowers of the Sea
44 Music of the Night
45 The Tree of Knowledge
46 Water Lilies
47 Autumn
48 Dandelions
49 Sunflowers
50 Early Spring